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Welcome to the Digital Rinascimento

2018, LinkedIN

A monumental disruption is coming towards us at an unstoppable pace, and its shockwave is going to be like no others in history, because it will change not only the way we work and do business, but also our society, our civilization, our culture, and our welfare, for good. So what options are left for us, then? Either ride the wave or perish? Let’s take a closer look at what is coming at us, and what will be some key ingredients of this disruption.

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Capacity Management Chronicles: What I Learned in My First 10 Years as a Global Consultant

2017, CMG Impact Global User Group

I recently celebrated my first 10 years in the Capacity Management business and took the chance to assess how much I have learned during an amazing ride across 3 continents, 30+ world-class organizations, 50 different major cities, and 10 market segments. The exodus to distributed systems and open source software, the virtualization wave, the flash storage revolution, the mobile disruption, the rise of the cloud, the data becoming big and services shrinking to micro, the promised land of AI Ops: a lot have changed, and not surprisingly I saw how curiosity and drive are distinctive mindset features of all the successful individuals I have met in the industry around the globe. And for how different the organizations may appear, some problems, questions, topics are always there to be addressed, no matter where you are. What does it take to become effective then? Well, let me share what I have learned over the last 10 years as a global consultant.

Incorporating Weather Data into Capacity Planning Analysis

2017, CMG Impact Global User Group
co-authored with Benjiamin Davies

Incorporating 'non-capacity' data into capacity planning efforts expands the capacity analysts view and understanding. Business metrics vs. hardware metrics make compelling capacity models, but external forces may have a measurable effect as well. This is a conversation about Incorporating weather data to determine if and how weather conditions affect customer interaction, employee behavior, and infrastructure utilization, then creating a workable model to predict the effects. We discovered that weather conditions did not have the impact we expected, but severe weather and cultural events are indeed a key driver for VPN (virtual private network) and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) demand. Our weather models helped successfully predicting an 8x prolonged spike, therefore avoiding a significant outage, in addition to the impact of several cultural events on the work from home infrastructure.

Multivariate IT Capacity Modeling

2017, CMG Impact Global User Group
co-authored with Benjiamin Davies

Wouldn't it be great to be able to make a capacity model of an application that has multiple components and functions that are distributed over several devices, where those devices are shared with unrelated applications? This white paper examines this very real-world situation. The results achieved with actual customer data prove that not only is multivariate capacity modeling achievable, but it is relatively easily performed with COST software, tools and techniques. In this real-life example, an IT Organization wants to model a two-fold increase in logins in the next quarter, resulting in the growth of two specific workloads, increasing usage by 350% and 450%, while the rest of the workloads remained essentially the same. The intuitive expectation was that the existing equipment would not accommodate the request, so the IT Organization needs not only to validate the expectation but also to produce options, driven by actual data and detailed analysis. The outcome of using existing tools, available data, and skillful application of modeling and analysis techniques enables the IT Organization to create 4 different scenarios based on budget, risk, IT resource and business impact.

The T-Squared Factor: A new era of Capacity Optimization

2017, Webinar
co-authored with Gabriele Giacomelli

There is a strong demand to improve the user experience of those wishing to attain better, faster, business planning and execution. As IT is the engine for any business, it has these same improvement demands. At Moviri, we help you meet these demands, by avoiding or minimizing the tradeoff between speed and quality in capacity optimization. When it comes to IT capacity optimization, Moviri is a world class leader. Join us for this webinar to learn about the Turbonomic-TrueSight (T-squared) factor, prepare to enter a new era of combined accurate long-term capacity plans and continual rebalance executed at the speed of automation.

Everything you need to know to become the MacGyver of Converged Infrastructure Capacity Management

2016, Webinar
co-authored with Brad Schmitt

Converged infrastructures are complex architectures, and if you are struggling to answer the question how much Capacity are we using today?, well you are not alone. During this webinar Brad Schmitt and Andrea Vasco will share a successful approach to leverage TrueSight Capacity Optimization flexibility and powerful analytics and effectively manage the complexity of Converged Infrastructure, gain centralized visibility, express the Capacity consumption in simplified terms.

Speed to Market Without Surprises: Meet Business Needs with BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

2016, BMC Engage Global User Conference
co-authored with Andrea Gallo and Doug Case

Like many companies, American Family wants speed to market and it wants no surprises. As an integral part of Capacity Planning and Performance troubleshooting at American Family, Doug's team has worked with the business for years to provide forecasting, trending, and troubleshooting of performance issues. Analyses produced by the Capacity Planning team have been historically very accurate, but time-consuming. The adoption of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, with the help of Moviri, has provided American Family the opportunity to meet the needs of the business with equal accuracy and in significantly less time!

Reloading Capacity Management at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

2015, BMC Engage Global User Conference

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Managing growth at Sanofi

2014, BMC Engage Global User Conference
co-authored with Chris Wimer

Sanofi’s strategic model for growth focuses on R&D and a transformation of business processes to create synergy across business units that span the globe. The model demands seamless integration of technology and business processes to promote collaboration among researchers and developers. Sanofi’s global infrastructure services (GIS) organization is helping the company make this vision a reality with next-generation data centers (NGDCs) built on a comprehensive approach to IT.

Demystifying Oracle database capacity management with workload characterization

2014, Computer Measurement Group
co-authored with Stefano Doni and Renato Bonomini

When you deal with the back-end (i.e., database) component of an application, things are not as precisely straightforward. Databases are typically difficult to understand and model as they are inherently shared, and their resources pulled in several directions. The result is: pure resource consumption vs. business KPIs models does not work for databases - and that is unfortunate as databases are usually one of the most critical components from a capacity standpoint.